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New Air Jordan - Since 1984, Jordan sports shoes estempillées copies were sold worldwide to over 100 million.

On the sale of these shoes and products from most of the income of Michael Jordan who received a time of 6% royalities pair sold, the Jordan Brand in a very strong impact on the youth of America and the world of sport, so it is very common to see on the screen in films and television series , but also in video clips of many celebrities put on shoes and textiles brand .

Since 2002 , an event is held annually , the Jordan Brand Classic Game , which brings together the best high school and university in the country but also many European players and U.S. professional leagues . Many tours and various events are organized in the United States and around the world with the presence of the stars of the brand.

In 2011, Jordan Brand accounts for 72 % of market share in the field of sports footwear in the United States [2] and is the sponsor of the Quai 54 in Paris since 2010, considered one of the most prestigious tournaments streetball world , Chris Paul and Ray Allen have respectively made ​​the trip to represent the brand and attend the event .


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